Welcome to my author site, where I am currently focusing on a paranormal urban fantasy set and a how-to on starting your own ghostwriting business or side gig.

Many of you know that I have been a freelance writer and editor for 20+ years and that in 2015, I began ghostwriting novels too. Now, I’ve decided to write paranormal and urban fantasy books under my own name! This site is dedicated to my UF novels and how-to books. From here, you can also get to my email newsletters.

Upcoming Books

The Professional Ghostwriter’s Handbook

  • Turn your love of writing into a new business, side business, or just get paid to learn to write
  • Covering every aspect of the mainstream ghostwriting business, step by step, with a complete checklist and stuffed with useful resources
  • Setting up, finding clients, invoicing, banking, contracts, types of ghostwriting people can pursue (because it isn’t just novels), taxes, dealing with client problems, and more
  • Supporting resources you can’t get anywhere else, too, free to my newsletter followers
  • STATUS: Pending new cover and layout

Paranormal / Urban Fantasy – Rephaim: Bloodlines Series

  • A series with supporting short stories, the paranormal tale is full of angels, demons, and not-so-helpless mortals with special powers of their own.
  • I’m stuffing it with an Ark-load of twists to the standard genre assumptions.
  • I will write the entire first trilogy before publishing the first book, and they should start launching in early 2018.
  • I am releasing a few free short teasers before then, so pay attention if you like paranormal/urban fantasy.
  • STATUS: Drafting book 1 (70% done)
  • Short Stories: #1 available; #2 in formatting


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