I’m a family guy, avid tabletop gamer, a former Marine, and I love the idea of homesteading. Also, long walks on the beach–no, wait, this is the wrong site for that. Anyway…

I’ve been writing and editing professionally over the course of 20+ years. I’ve worked as a Marketing & PR exec for a Silicon Valley agency focusing on tech companies, which involved mostly writing, and I’m a freelance writer for businesses of all sizes in many markets.

I still do a lot of freelancing, but in 2015 things changed…

A very nice Pakistani gentleman saw my Goodreads profile and contacted me to ask whether I’d consider ghostwriting his novel for him. He had an intricate story, but he felt he couldn’t do the tale justice in English. I’d ghostwritten nonfiction books before, but never fiction. On a whim, I said yes to his fiction project, and I haven’t looked back.  I love fiction writing. I’ve now written several novels and many short stories with other people’s names on them.

In March, I was approached by Professional Indie, an organization dedicated to curating high-quality indie novels–wading through the dreck for the gems. They asked if I’d be interested in writing a how-to on ghostwriting as part of their high-level book series on mastering the writing craft and business. After some discussion, I agreed and wrote the book.

Unfortunately, they hit a rough patch and are taking a break. This forced me to revise my plan, and currently, The Professional Ghostwriter’s Handbook is an indie title, currently an ebook and soon to be available in paperback, too.

I also had an idea bubbling around in my head for a set of novels in the Paranormal & Urban Fantasy genre (PUF!) I have finished the outlines for my first three PUF novels and developed the series’ overarching plot arc. I’ve begun to write it and expect to finish the first trilogy in late 2017. I have also been publishing one or two related short stories per month, and I’ll continue to do that at least until the first trilogy goes live.

Once I got into the process of writing two books at once, one with my own name on them for the first time, I realized I needed to create a new website for my author-related activities, separate from my freelance writing & editing site. This is that site.

I hope you’ll follow this site and sign up for my occasional email newsletter to keep up with my progress, join any competitions or giveaways I host, see new cover reveals, and so on.

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