Odd Behaviors

I LOVED it. I can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. – Kari H., Author


A security guard on the run. A dead reporter. An enemy he can’t see, much less fight.

Alan thought Iraq was bad… 

Working private security in Philly was supposed to be a cake walk compared to the Sandbox, but Alan quickly learns it isn’t all noise complaints and parking violations. Something is going on, something odd–and possibly fatal. Now he has to flee for his life and his freedom, but can he find out who is behind it all, before it’s too late?

Odd Behaviors is the exciting first short story in a supernatural urban fantasy series. If you like thrilling encounters on every page, memorable characters, and a mystery to unravel, then you’ll love J. S. Menefee’s Rephaim: Bloodlines books.

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